March 7

Spammy Links Identification & Its Removal


Spammy Links Identification & Its Removal

You might be wondering “What the hell is this”.

You might have already paid thousands of Dollars to create so called “Backlinks” and now we are claiming that you need to pay us “thousands of Dollars” to remove them?

Yes, 90+ of the so called “SEO” Companies are utilizing unethical links to spam the might

These links are created to achieve faster ranking on and

But the bots of these Search Engines are intelligent enough and set up a Spam Score for your Business Site.

99.9 % of the Businesses are unaware of this. They keep on wondering, “ What happened to their site “ ?

Many a times, your competitors too create spammy backlinks to Bite you.

How to identify “Bad Backlinks” ?

  1. Links from comments
  2. Some sites are created to offer you plenty of back links
  3. Sites which offer spammy links. These sites have very  less “Quality Content”.
  4. Over Optimized Anchor texts
  5. Links from plagiarized text
  6. Links from other countries, whereas your Targeted audience is in USA

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