March 29

Pay Per Call


Pay Per Call

Pay Per Call (only for USA based Business):

It is a method to get Qualified Leads for your Business. It is focused on creating ultimate revenue for your Business.

We will set up the Systems, Campaigns , Monitoring and ultimate results.

  1. This is the ultimate way to get  Inbound Leads for your business.
  2. You are aware that when Customers calls you, it increases your closing rate by over  10 times
  3. Many a times, due to Bots getting included in a Marketing Campaign, 53 % of the shopping cars get abandoned.
  4. Most of the users of Smart Phones use it to search a Business/Service. 70 % of the searches results in a Click To Call action.
  5. 75 % of the calls generally result in a productive call with over 30 % tenure.

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